Cost of items in shop

I understand the multiplayer is a free game, and I appreciate it 100%. The game is phenomenal (other than the XP grind being a bit ridiculous). My biggest issue though is the shop, I think it’s a bit too pricey for “armor set” to be $20. That’s a bit much… I suggest either adding an in game currency you acquire from completing daily / weekly challenges that we can use on the cosmetics or lower the price a little bit, especially if these items rotate per week. Sure maybe for a certain demographic they can afford to drop the cash with no issue, but I just feel if someone wants to acquire one or more cosmetics per week they shouldn’t have to drop $10-$30.

Well with how 343i is pricing the campaign as a $60 game, it appears the MP has been free in every game.

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This is also true. A valid point.