Cosmetics should not be Core restricted, Coatings should be universal

So far I’m loving Halo Infinite’s MP, but there are a few minor things I’m not so happy about. Other people have pretty much covered how I feel about the XP gain so I’ll just go for how I truly feel about the customization system. It needs some work.

  • Cosmetics should not be core restricted. Currently as it stands, the default core doesn’t really have much to work with. All the helmets and gear seemed to have went to the Mark V [B]. If parts become unrestricted, that changes, and gives a lot more freedom on the user. Possibly even gives more reasons to buy some cosmetic sets as a player would be able to use it on their favorite core.

  • Coatings should be universal. Why do I need to have like 6+ copies of the same color set just to use it on my Spartan, my weapons, and my vehicles? Why can’t I just get it once, and put it on everything? It’s pretty clear the Coatings are meant to be similar to the Destiny 2 shader system, yet why is it somehow even more restrictive? Karaba Sirocco was my favorite coating from the flights, and still is my favorite coating. I want to put it on everything.


The fact that bots get more customisation options than players is just downright insulting. Apparently they have cross core customisation, and they can equip items (like Emiles shoulder pads) which players dont have access to unless its through a kit, which can’t be modified.


I could have sworn I saw that myself as well, but I wasn’t so sure. Maybe I wasn’t seeing things.


There are some cosmetics I totally get why they are core restricted, particularly chest and shoulder attachments because they need to confotm to the shape of the base pieces. But helmets, coatings, and armor effects in particular have no purpose for being locked to specific cores/vehicles/weapons outside of unlock padding which I fundamentally disagree with. Those pieces should remain universal.


Totally agree. I want to choose what colors I want and where they go. With how the coatings are setup if we could choose the color for each section each of our Spartans would indeed be unique.


I support the difference of armor by GEN.

  • At first it will not be a problem but in two years, having updates every 3 months, it will be a very big hassle to have so many armor without a clear difference that helps to group them. I don’t want to go back to Halo 5.
  • It allows the creative team to properly refine and design these armor pieces so they can be seen well without being ugly.
  • I am a defender of the canon and that there are differences by generations allows that there are different types of armor updated to their generation, it would be great to have the GEN II version of the EOD, and then have their GEN III version.

I understand that there are people who prefer to have absolute freedom to design their Spartan however they want. But all freedom must have its limits if we really want this not to end up being a debauchery.


The funny thing with your comparison to Destiny shaders is that whether for feedback or technical reasons it took them so long to implement, the shaders eventually became universal or at least non-expendable. It’s funny every time I go back to play destiny I’m like hey Halo Infinite is doing this and that, etc. Made me realize how ahead of its time Destiny was.

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Yeah I’m well aware. It took Bungie awhile to finally fix shaders in D2, but I’m glad they did. I just hope it doesn’t take 343i as long.

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I can’t wait to pay $20 for the color white! /s

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Disagree with this, respectfully. I spent all that extra money to unlock levels on the battle pass, thinking I would be able to fully customize/color my armor to personalize my Spartan. By grouping and limiting these options, players feel as if they’re stuck. And if you can’t make it “your own”, you just feel like another part of a generalized group. I’ve already dropped 30 bucks on an extended battle pass and an E-sports skin, and I can’t use ANYTHING I’ve unlocked unless I want to look like a makeshift, generic version of whatever I’m ‘allowed’ to use. Feels like a rip-off, but I’m hoping they take this feedback and use it to refine how we can use armors/coatings. If they don’t, the item shop purchases will definitely not be worth the price, as will the upgraded battle pass and the option to buy XP levels. People pay for more freedom of choice, not limited options. RIght now, we’re getting the latter. It’s not worth that kind of money.


Keep in mind that this is a change that took destiny almost like 3 years to make, im not trying to make that wait again. I foolishly bought one of those hcs skins from the store thinking i could use that coating on whatever but its restricted to an armour kit, very very annoying

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Its pvp who gives a crap if its cannon. Thats what the campaign is for. Let me look how i want if im gonna be forced to spend money.

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I do not understand why you are answering this when in my comment I do not speak at any time about the colors, but about the pieces of the armor. Comment that I maintain and defend today.

Thank you for bringing that up. It is very frustrating indeed

And I addressed them both. They’re both integral parts of personal customization, and as a consumer, I don’t pay for canonical correctness. I pay for ‘what I want to make my guy look cool’.

Well then this is already a matter of personal taste, I like to play with canonical and correct content, I would not be happy to see content that does not make sense within the Halo universe, for that is already the fracture events.

And you’ve been able to do whatever you want to your spartan. Which is the whole point. I want to do what I want to my spartan, and I don’t want to go broke in the process of doing it.

a lot of the Mark VII parts are tied to the store.

You realize people will be able to wear that armor outside of the event right? The event is just for earning it. Making your whole point moot.

Here we would go into a topic about canon / nocanon but I think that discussion has already been had with MCC.