Cosmetics for this Fracture are a step down

It seems like Tenrai offered a little bit more variety in the cosmetics as in more attachments and colors. I didnt like Tenrai sinch there were so few options in each armor attachment category and so few colors. Somehow this one has even less cosmetics and no daily rotation.

This is subjective but I dont think any of the 3 helmets look cool at all. The default is super generic, the ww2 one is lazy and unoriginal, and the third one I kind of like for how dumb it looks and how much better it is than the other 2


Tenrai didn’t feature much in it’s first week either. This is the first week of this ongoing multi week event. It’s going to go similarly to Tenrai. You’ll see more and more content added every time it returns as they include more items in the store.

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You mean you aren’t excited about 6 months of chonky Killzone armors and Big 1 emblems? Jokes aside, I wish Fractures could cross-core with canon, to make Killzone 3 style armors. I don’t particularly feel like running around looking like a gas mask taped to a trash bag. I’m just not a fan of the core body at all.


Thats what i was hoping but I also thought they would show future cosmetics in the armor customization screen already

Yeah that’s not how they do it sadly. It only appears when the next event comes around. If you show everyone everything right off the bat then they’ll wait until they have access to that item and not buy anything else. As you can see that’s bad for business.

There are more to come but we have to put up with the slow release schedule. I want the gold eagle shoulders and red lens for Kerberos. I like that Eaglestrike has these little nods to Jin-Roh and 40K.

So what you’re saying is that they’ll only add more content for the people who are willing to continue shelling out money for items which have 0 material value or worth that they arbitrarily overcharge us for?

they also did a nod to The Rocketeer.

Yup and trust me I hate it, but that’s the way they’re doing things. All I can suggest is that we keep complaining about the lack of content so that they hear us. But that only matters so much if people keep paying them money.

Profit=Keep doing it

Profit doesn’t mean that it’s good for the game or it’s player base.

Yeah, this season’s fracture core definitely seems more lacking compared to the Tenrai core. But there might be more items that actually exist for the core that just are hidden from us until they become available in the store or as a weekly ultimate. I recall that being the case for say, the Ever-Filled Juzu chest piece. You never actually saw it in the chest section of the Yoroi core until the week it became the weekly ultimate reward.

We voiced our opinions about not wanting repeating emblems as weekly rewards, so they crammed them into an event pass so sell us back the content they removed.

Dunno seems like the most subjective a thread could be tbh. I think its fine but im not a fan of the entire system that events function inder if im hinest.

I was hoping the other WWI helmets were going to be in it, not just the German one. I guess we have to pay for the Brit and American ones, oddly. :smile: