Cosmetics, events, and store adjustments

Just completed my capstone and now I’m left wondering, what now? I have nothing to do, nothing to earn, very little reason to play or grind, nothing keeping my interest other than the fact that I enjoy Halo in and of itself. I think the gameplay is great (aside from a few weapon adjustments that might be needed here or there) and the game looks visually amazing… and despite doing everything you’ve given me this week, I have an armor coating and a new core to show for it, and nothing else.

Out of the 14 items offered in the Tenrai battle pass, I was only able to earn 3, and, unless new challenges come out tomorrow, it doesn’t look like I’ll be earning anything more until next year… Unless I want to spend $47 to unlock the additional 20 or so Tenrai themed items (two bundles of which should just be unlockable, I mean seriously, $7 for a coating that we unlock from the battle pass on another core and some equally underwhelming shoulders) and this is before we mention the cherry blossom armor affects and another missing armor set, the one that infinite has been showing off a lot, and who knows what else.

I get that this is a free to play game, I get that you need to make money somehow, I am fine with the store existing, but there should not be a $15 belt, if it was $5, I guarantee you more people would buy it, if that $20 bundle was $10, I would buy it, if I could at least pick and choose what I want so I didn’t need to spend so much money on items that honesty have no business being purchased or bundled to begin with (either due to how bland they are, or how little there is in the way of normal cosmetics), I would be more open to it.

Please, just look into adjusting the store and maybe throwing some of the cosmetics into an earnable pool. It can be through achievements, play time, medals, whatever, but there is a painfully scarce amount of items that you can just, unlock.

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