Cosmetics being addressed

So if you make some of the stuff that was in the store free, what happens if I’ve already paid your outrageous prices? I’m not saying it wasn’t my fault that I bought the item because I’ll be honest I want everything this game has to offer. So I’m viewing both sides here.

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You are SOL and you should get the game of thrones treatment cersei had shame shame! Look it up if you dont get the reference lol

Well if you read my post correctly I don’t really care either way I was just asking

I’m not one to go extreme on a forum, I’d rather have the game for what it is

No. As I said on the other thread about “reimbursement”, you accepted the price as it was.

You don’t go and demand the difference back if a physical/online store holds a sale on something you recently bought. Same applies here.

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Well if you could read also, I’m not demanding anything just merely asking. And I’m okay if I don’t get anything.

Trust me, these folks want your blood for spending any money on this game. It’s wild.

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I mean, when some folks gloated about spending money just to spite the haters and now some of them want compensation…was sympathy expected?

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I can understand both sides, however…I’m a father of 5 and I have a great job that pays well, and consequently I’m the only one in the house that works, so I also don’t have alot of time for my one and only hobby “Halo”. When some things in the store came around I bought them due to not knowing if I’d see them again and wanting a specific piece of armor. At the same time I bought them I thought the prices would never change. I kinda figured they were permanent and that everyone was just going to have to deal with it. So I don’t expect a refund or reimbursement at all. I’m happy with what I bought. I do however wish that they would have adjusted all of this prior to even opening the store. But I distress I love Halo alot. Whether I have to pay alot for everything or not I want more Halo in the future.

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So far they haven’t said that anything that was in the store is going to be made free. We know that the Yoroi armour that was going to be in the store later will now be in the battle pass when the event returns. The set they’re talking about is the set from the promotional material, so far that hasn’t appeared in the shop.

I imagine we’ll see them avoid making existing store items free for this exact reason you mention. More likely, they’ll shift their pricing model a little lower across the board, then when items they’ve already sold cycle back into the store they’ll be part of different bundles, to limit the complaints that someone who bought it before is being shafted.

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It’s all understandable to me I’m as of now not buying anything else until I know what exactly is happening.