Cosmetic Toggle Resurrection V

Because I’m evil I’m bringing this back up again.

343, I implore you to add a toggle to systemically disable anything that isn’t canon super cereal edgy cosmetics from view.

I believe this process could simply be applied as a blanket toggle to your own categorisation of everything silly or non-canon into three manufacturers.

Fractures, 343 & FOTUS.

Also while you’re at it can you add a ‘Halo 4 teaser’ toggle that removes all crotch armour and adds intense immersive physics to Spartan bulges just like good ol Chief had in that trailer? Thanks.

But seriously, cosmetic toggle soon plz.

I beg. Plus it’ll make all the obnoxious people mad.


Crazy cosmetics are the way things are in shooters these days. Plus, they won’t add a toggle that will make it so people don’t see others’ shop purchases since that’s free advertising.

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Huge agreed on this. If you’re going to sell a game that thrives based on its fictional universe, allow people to live in that universe without non-canon content.


I would be behind this 100% i am fine with some goofy stuff like Hayabusa, Helioskrill and in Infinite Yoroi but cat ears, bunny ears, and some kill effects change the tone of Halo too much.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY CANNON! Whoops I think I just had a Nam flashback.


Well from the people that I know personally, they’re more likely to lose players by making us look at dumb and obnoxious cosmetics.
I’ve yet to see anything on another player that makes me go “oh I should but that” but I have gone “man thats funking stupid,” and made me question whether or not I want to play a game long term thats going to look like a Barbie Fortnite party

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Careful you’ll draw the attention of the overly emotional.


Yup, totally get that, but we’re in a day and age where companies like Activision try to get people who haven’t bought cosmetics to matchmake in games with people who have. It sucks but we can’t even get a red vs blue toggle.


It’s really funny to me how players like myself get called obnoxious but… we’re not the ones asking for anyone else’s expression to get silenced once a month, lol.


Who is to say that both can’t be true.

With the MCC I can understand the need for a toggle, but 343 decides the art style for Infinite. The only point of feedback I have is to lower the volume on kill effects or wholesale remove it. With headphones the sound effect is really jarring to the gameplay.

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Im honestly still against it, but since you persistently created the same thread five times, I wouldn’t mind/care if 343i added them in now. It’s not like it bothers me personally if it is in the game anyways.

My own opinion on Fractured events is if they stay relevant to the genre of Halo, being a sci-fi/battle-written design, it is fine to stay. If they created a Fracture design based on Cats vs Dogs, I would now be against it at that point.



As a casual purchaser of items… I’m not going to put in the time to earn or buy stuff if nobody can see me wear it.

Shallow? Probably. But that’s the reality.


99% of the players would not even know about this feature or even care to use it. There is a cosmetic toggle in MCC and nobody even knows that it’s there.

Long story short. outside of 5 people, everyone else will see the armor you unlocked/bought.


Well if that’s true, every single time these folks say “Why should we care what a minority of the playerbase wants?” then I’m gonna’ throw this RIGHT the frak back at them, lmao.

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343i would be stupid to even consider the option, seeing as how they’re relying on cosmetics sales to make the bulk of their profit. Adding a toggle to the game would significantly see a huge drop in purchases going forward if they did add it.

MCC may have had it, but last I checked, most of the cosmetics in that game weren’t sold in a store if I recall correctly. Maybe if they were selling everything there too it’d be a more valid comparison.


Until actual data supporting that it’d decrease sales is presented, then we can only assume that its an emotional minority that’d be so disgruntled with not being looked at that it’d impact sales.

You’re getting bagged if I see you paid for armor or colors. Just fyi


Not really worth the effort to really get into it since they’re never going even consider implementing this feature regardless of how many people outcry about it.

There is no proof Infinite is profitable yet so people saying the cosmetics are bringing in tons of money are blindly guessing.

Another assumption is that people will spend less if there is a toggle. This may be true for maybe 2 days then people will get over it and go back to spending.

What has happened is people have said they have friends who have stopped playing or they themselves will or have stopped playing due to cosmetics that have been added.

While physically small they are a massive shift in Halo’s historical tone. (Sure Reach had the hearts but that is one item out of 8 Halo FPS games during their original life cycle. Even in Reach you had to grind for it instead of just paying for it so you could at least know they worked in game for it).

Given not a single person is playing Halo because of cat/bunny ears/fallout power armor looking Eagle Strike core/etc. the only logical conclusion is that these items are causing a net negative in player count.

We are not saying to take the items away from anyone but what we are asking for is a way to preserve Halo’s tone.

343 already had to revert back to a classic Halo art style from the art style they used in H4 and 5. Then 343 had videos talking about how proud they were of the new art style so they were definitely dedicated to it. What would cause a company to revert that change🤔? Maybe Halo works best when it presents itself with a certain art style and tone. I would bet that without a toggle the cosmetics in question do not last more than 1 or 2 games before they are gone because they are counter to Halo’s tone and it does detract from the experience for many people. With a toggle we can all coexist though.

A good example of this is what Bethesda has talked about when recounting their experience trying to develop a game like Fallout without it being a Fallout game. This was before they owned the rights to Fallout so they couldn’t make a Fallout game. After trying many variations they realized it just doesn’t work unless it is Fallout. That art style and tone just work so they bought the rights and the rest is history.

Halo is the same way. Halo succeeds best when presented in a certain way; gameplay alone is not what makes a game, art style and tone are the other half needed to make a great experience.

lol you have the time to care?