Cosmetic pricing

Hi again I would first like to start off by saying that I think what you have been putting into the store and the changes you made are good but the pricing of it needs to change. I get you need to make money and I’m not saying make everything $1 but for instance if the mister chef bundle in the shop was $10 a lot more people would be myself included. If you still wanted to have bundles cost $20 just make sure it’s worth it because if it’s not nobody will buy it. Also with that pricing change I think that you should make it so that once something goes into the store people can buy it whenever they want. Let’s say someone wanted a bundle but it cost him $10 but he can’t afford it this week but could next week if you had this change he could still get it. You could do it by making it so if they find an item from that bundle in the customization tab and click on it and press another button it will take them to the bundle. Thank you for listening.