Cosmetic, and battle pass system

Long time Halo player, in the community for military roleplay and teams for competitive multiplayer.

The armor customization in Halo Infinite, makes you feel locked into paying for cosmetics, which is not how Halo is. Halo let’s you unlock all the armor and cosmetics, aside from armor color, with levels and all for free.

I no longer have the freedom of choice and identity my spartan should have. Instead of “shaders” for a set of armor, it should be just as it’s always been, a freedom of choice from a pallette of colors.

The emblem creation is also not nearly as good as previous titles. I am locked to a few free “nameplates” and a bunch more paid. This restriction on identity is going to kill the Halo Clan Community.

The major point that is concerning for me, is the colors, and emblem creator missing, and being replaced with “nameplates”.

Aside from that, this is the best feeling Halo multiplayer I have played to date.