Cortona and the Arbiter

How exactly is the relationship between the Arbiter and Cortona. This has been bothering me a while since watching halo 5’s cutscenes again, the one where Locke meets with the Arbiter, and Arbiter says “now you hunt another spartan, the best…” etc I forgot but I found it strange that cortona replied to the Arbiter and spoke directly to him? “Let him hunt…”.

then again another issue I have is how childish cortona is acting by saying anything at all to kind of take things off her chest… but that is another topic. Arbiter and Cortona, how well do they get along?

I think the Arbiter respect her due the fact Chief respect her.Im not sure how the Arbiter thinks of AIs in general,but I assume its not so high.

I think he is ambivalent towards her. The Covenant never cared for AIs, and now Cortana is a threat to his people so his opinion of her probably isn’t amazing.

Elites have deep respect for Forerunner technology and relics. Monitors such as 343 Guilty Spark fall under that and are also AI. So I think they’d respect and like being around cool monitors and simply tolerate annoying ones. Before the events of Halo 5, I’d imagine Arbiter held Cortana in high regard because she’s witty, highly capable, and incredibly close to Chief (someone he considers a friend).