cortanna is hot!

here is a link to the sexiest pic of cortanna yet

She is quite the pix-elated beauty. Now we just need to do something about her cooking.

She’s hot but no chance in hell could I deal with her ‘off days’ judging by the recent FUD episode…

Duh, of course she is :P.

And she just got sexier on Halo 4. It seems she spend the 4 years on the Dawn upgrading not only Master Chief’s armor, but her breast and sensuality too. She has gave the desire to see if Halsey was that hot (like in The Package) in her young days.

I have no idea who “Cortanna” is, so I can’t pass judgement.

> I have no idea who “Cortanna” is, so I can’t pass judgement.

Get over yourself -_-

OP she is mehhh

She never caught my eye up until this series and I believe that is only due to her rampancy.
Even still, the concept art is a lot more tedious than the actual in game footage we have seen.

Why can’t she be real…? Goodness…

I guestimate Ds… :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of those pictures are downright creepy.

I thought she looked the best in Halo 3. Don’t know what everyone’s flipping out about TBH.

Yeah… Cortana is hawt.

She’s -Yoink!-. Because of my male hormones, I’ve noticed this of course. But it’s something I don’t talk about because there’s no real need to talk about it.

I like new Cortana but i think that old look of Cortana was better.

I’m sorry but what are we meant to be discussing?

Yes she’s hot, but there’s nothing extraordinary about that. There’s no need to discuss it .

3rd from bottom pic :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah… She’s pretty damn smokin hot!!

Stop embarrassing yourselves lol… no need for a thread about this.