Cortana's state

Who here is with me on this, Cortana might start goin into rampant state durin Halo 4 and may affect her in aidin u?

Cortana showed signs of Rampancy since Halo 3,after you receive the message from her it’s clear that the torment she went through because of the Gravemind interrogating her had left her shaken. It’s also pointed out that 4 years pass between the events at the Ark and of the Halo:Legends episode: Origins. The signs that she is falling into rampancy is quite clear.


Anyone else sense a plot twist coming up? Like Cortana unwittingly leads you into a trap because of her rampancy, or maybe you even have to destroy her sometime in the new series.

If I call recall Bungie’s precedent for AI, Rampancy begins after the AI is 7 years old. Cortana was showing signs of rampancy in Halo 3, as stated earlier. Medicant Bias, Guilty Spark, and Penitent Tangent all went rampant.

If not in Halo 4, I see Cortana becoming more of a liability, maybe even an enemy, and less of an ally in the new trilogy. If the trailer showcases Onyx or some other shield world with vast amounts of databanks, it could increase the effects of her rampancy. I’m sure it’s been speculated before, but there’s also a good chance that the explosion to Forward Unto Dawn was caused by her so she wouldn’t be alone anymore.