Cortana's Role after Halo 4 *Spoilers

HEY GUYS! It is pretty obvious Cortana is going to come back within the next 2 games. It is definate. Because of her dialogue, we can tell she is longing to be human. "I can give you over 40,000 reason as to why that sun isn’t real…but for all that, I will never actually know if it looks real…if it feels real…). She wants to be human beyond anything else, and to help chief. Also, she dies in the end due to rampancy…or is that what 343 WANTS YOU TO THINK!

My theory is that, because she showed more emotion in her rampant states, it was just her denying her AI role and longing to be human, adding corruption. yes it has been 7 years, but on mission 2, there is a log entry by Halsey saying her unique creation could make the 7 year life cycle NOT APPLY. I believe while she spent those minutes w/ the Librarian, it had to have a purpose. Maybe she made a deal with her to study each other and gain insight. The Librarian probably wanted that after 150,000 years. And she did say she’s unique. So at the end of Halo 4 when she looks all fine…maybe she just transported back to Requiem to work on a new composer. Since the composer can turn AI into flesh. Even though it would turn them into “abominations”, maybe w/ the help of cortana, the Librarian can fix it, and become Forrunner again too! That would be great. I wouldnt be suprised in Spartan Ops season 2 when they unlock the Librarian and Cortana be with her too. And reunite with her creator. Or the Librarian can fix her w/ the help of Halsey I’m guessing. Add speculation below! Take the poll! and KEEP THIS THREAD GOING, ITS THE BEST INSIGHT OUT THERE! THANKS GUYS :slight_smile:


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