Cortana's need for Halo rings in Halo 6

“I’m offering people a chance to be more than they are naturally.” Halo 5 Guardians.
If Cortana wants to ‘evolve’ people how can she do it?
Hidden Forerunner tech.
How the Didact evolved himself.
The need for the Halo rings.
Use as threat. Doesn’t help with the evolving. Makes the job more complicated.
Use to restart life in the Galaxy. Possible. She would select samples from across the galaxy. Likely candidates, the ones
who agree to her rule.
Use them in conjuction with the Composers to turn all intelligent life into A.I… Interesting. No need of food. No
disease. One race with herself in charge. No death.
Not all of the Halo rings are out there. Installation 04 and 03 (pre Halo Wars 2).
Only a recognized Reclaimer may activate them. She is currently a self proclaimed Reclaimer. It may not work for her.
Exuberant Witness the Monitor of Genesis did not agree with her. Guilty Spark recognized John-117 and Avery Johnson as
Reclaimers. She will need a human.
Some of humanity knows enough about the Halo Rings to say “-Yoink- off”. The rest don’t, may not be recogized as Reclaimers
and are generaly pissed off at her.
It is possible that Cortana found The Spirit of Fire, realized that in crio sleep they knew nothing of what has happened.
She knows the location of the Ark, she was there with John in Halo 3, but can’t get there. She opens a slipspace portal and
sends The Spirit of Fire there to get them to hitch a ride on the Halo that is being repaired. Then when they show up in
the Milky way on the new ring she lies to them about a made up problem and gets one of them to activate the rings for
More Problems
Only one human left on the ring. Ellen Anders.
The ring recognized her as a Reclaimer.
Shes not stupid. 180 IQ
She HATES Dr. Halsey. So unless Cortana changes her apperance and voice. Anders will recognize her as a copy of Halsey and
tell her to go to hell.
What now?