Cortana Tribute - Would it be a good idea?

I was thinking about getting a Cortana tribute underway, starting way back when you were first introduced to her in Halo Combat Evolved and finishing at the end of Halo 4, where she leaves us :’(
I was also thinking about using the soundtrack Green and Blue (Neil Davage 2012 Halo 4 Soundtrack).
I’ve got a pretty rough idea about what to do, but what would YOU like to see included?
The Tribute should go for about 7 minutes long, or it can be shortened to 5 if need be.

Bikini calendar?

I think its ok if you want to do that OP. The thing about Tributes is they can be absolutely awesome or be detrimental to your page if not done expertly.

Either way, I think a Cortana tribute would be fitting considering how many Johnson tributes came out after we found out what happened to him in Halo 3.

Good idea, maybe you can use this song:

It’s “Frozen Sleep” by Malukah, the same person who did “The Dragonborn Comes” cover. Check it out. It might be of some use.