Cortana theory

She could end up an enemy by the end of Halo 4. Starting at 6 minutes you hear Cortana say “I will not allow you to leave this planet”. I think she finds a way to remain alive on Requiem and won’t let MC leave. Some of Requiem defense AI turn blue later in the trailer too. They are possibly controlled by Cortana.

Nice theory. Looks plausible based on what I’ve seen

Or a different theory is perhaps the “evil” is trying to leave the planet and Cortana is trying to prevent that as I doubt the makers would leave you without cortana for the future cames as Halo 4 is supposed to be the first of the reclaimer trilogy. Cortana has been with MC since the beginning and shes always been there to guide and advise MC. So i dont think the makers would take her out or make MC fight her.

i dont know most forrunner AIs and tech glow in blue usualy correct me if i’m wrong.
i think that the ones we just met glowing orange are “poisoned”, controld be some other rogue AI or the evil threat.
i dont really think that the didact is the real evil, i think he’s either being controled or his power is being put to evil use.
i believe that the blue ones we see later are free and are more likley to be working with you.
once the librarien is found and reunited with the didact things will be a lot more clear for the chief and co.

im sorry i would just hate to see cortana really turn evil, i hope it dosent happen some how.

I don’t think something THAT major will happen in 4. This whole story is being spread out over 3 games and I don’t think they would do that right off the bat.

Maybe in Halo 5 or 6 when we have to kill her.

But in Halo 4, maybe Cortana hacks some AI to help you.

hopefully you find a way to spare her mind or maybe the forerunner tech shes used will acturly save her in the end

I think she was talking to the Prometheans or the Diduct, for some odd reason…

As others have said, it would be a major shock to see Cortana die in Halo 4. I’m sure she’ll go a bit loopy, but we have 2 more games in the series and she’s a huge part of the franchise.

I know a few female players who regard Cortana as the best female character in any videogame. She’s strong, forceful, intelligent - a lot of women can relate to her a lot more than Peach, Zelda or Lara.

What if Cortana becomes a villain for the whole trilogy? She could turn evil in this one and remain evil for the next two games, with the other villain also being an opposing force. Unfortunately, with the whole rampancy thing, it’s entirely possible for Cortana to go insane and turn evil. But they wouldn’t just kill her in the first game.