Cortana (Spoilers)


Is there ANY chance Cortana’s still “alive”? I didnt really understand the end; forcefields and gravlifts and explosions and crawling and all.

Even more fail… you actually successfully created 2 topic with the same spoiler in the title.

dude the title is a spoiler take it down

putting “spoiler” somewhere in the title of your thread doesn’t make it ok to ACTUALLY tell the spoiler in the title of the thread…

Keep your pants on, I fixed it. Besides, things get buried in half a second on here anyways, only hardcore Halo fans (ie people who beat the game) would actually delve into the deep crevices this thread resided.

what if someone who didn’t beat the game yet was like “lol dmr is 2strong4me, wat do forums say bou -Yoink!-” and happenned to see it just a few seconds after you made the thread, so it would be on the front page?
that’s not cool.
and cortana is probably alive, somewhere. I bet we’ll see her again real soon in H5.

There’s a reason 343i explained Cortana as ‘being left behind’ rather than an blatant ‘Cortana is dead’.

I would expect to see her return in some form with Halo 5 and 6.

Alright, thanks. Sorry once more.