Cortana purple to blue, evil to friend, WTF!

Halo Infinite spoiler

First, the color :
Bungie said Cortana was purple when she was young, they show her as purple in Halo Reach and Halo CE. Then 343 made Halo CE anniversary and decide to represent her in blue. Then 343 made her purple in Halo Infinite. Where is the logic ? This is non-sense !
I understand they wanted to differentiate her from “the weapon”, but they should have chosen another color instead of purple

Now, the story :
Cortana died in Halo 4, it was beautiful, she get a cool end. Rebring her to life to turn her evil was a huge mistake. She wasn’t even the Cortana we known and loved, she was just a fragment corrupted by the Domain who didn’t deserved to be called Cortana.
The worst, off course, was to kill her off screen. Despite her omnipotence, she was killed easily and quickly. A so important character deserved a better end. 343 try to give her a sort of redemption by her sacrifice, but there was nothing heroic in her last moment because she already knew she was convicted. Worst, her sacrifice don’t change anything since Atriox has survived.

343 kill Cortana, turn her evil, then kill her off screen and even replace her by another Cortana. Never a loved character have been so mistreated!

So if I am to understand your ‘long winded’ post correctly, you simply disliked the way ‘Cortana’s’ story progressed and her slight change in color, am I correct? What exactly is the point you’re trying to make that facilitates a forum discussion/debate? I’m sort of lost here, this just sounds more like an unconstructive ‘rant’ that will lead nowhere rather than anything else.

Young Cortana would be when she was created. From Reach-onward we only see her after she’s directly interacted with Forerunner technology, and Lifeworker AI are blue, possibly being related to Cortana’s color choice of hologram.

Cortana fragmented at the end of Halo 4, with aspects of her personality inhabiting each of the fragments. The fragment that container her empathy saved Master Chief from the nuke by bending the light-bridge through his shields, and then faded from existence, while the rest of her fragments went through the portal and found their way into the Domain. Cortana without empathy, and infected with the Logic Plague is a brutal tyrant ruled by her narcicism, and we see that in Halo 5, and the “echo”/holograms in Infinite.

Chief finds the weapon locked in a room, stuck there by her own admission, even though she claimed that she took control of the Halo and locked down Cortana. And Cortana still had control of the Halo when she blew a chunk out of it, suggesting that the notion of Cortana being killed off-screne isn’t strictly accurate. And with Atriox’s survival, what makes you think Cortana couldn’t have done the same?

You say she is blue because she interact with forerunner technology if I understand, but in Halo reach and CE, when we see her after she interact with forerunner tech, she is still purple.

There would be a lot to Cortana to survive, especially because we don’t knowso muche about the circonstance of her death. However, I don’t think 343 want to ressurect Cortana one more time, I think they want to end her story and replace her by the weapon.

There’s a flashback to Dr Halsey with Cortana when Cortana’s purple, but the light on Cortana’s containment unit is blue after she’s analyzed the Forerunner structure.

And Cortana is blue in the Anniversary edition of Halo CE, which as the latest edition of the game the canonical depiction of the events in that game.

I’m convinced that the surface-level narrative presented about Cortana in Halo Infinite is not canonically what happened. Now whether Cortana survived or is actually just deteriorating echoes is up for debate. There’s more information needed. But I’m convinced that the weapon did not successfully lock down Cortana.

Are you speaking about the cutscene in Halo Reach when Halsey give Cortana to noble team ? Indeed her hologram was purple, then her containment unit is blue and she stay blue in CE anniversary. But why would she choose to return to purple, her birth colour, in Halo Infinite, it’s really weird.

Cortana is so powerfull that it would be very logical she survived. I’m conviced that 343 won’t make her appear in the next Halo Infinite campaign, but maybe they will continue her story in books or in comics. They already did it with ennemies who die in the last games, like 343 Guilty Spark or the Didact