cortana in Halo CEA

how do you guys want the remastered cortana to look in CEA? do you want her to just be a visually enhanced version of the Halo CE Cortana, or do you want her to more closely resemble how she looked in Halo 2 and 3 (which as you probably know is quite different from the CE version)? I personally prefer her appearance in the later games, in CE she looked, i don’t know, too alien. plus, since AIs dont change their avatars (as far as I know) her canon appearance would be how she looked in Halo 3, and the changes in appearance would have to be chalked down to artistic licence. what do you all think?

It doesn’t really matter to me. But I think the HALO 2 look would be cool.

I didn’t think about it until now… it’s a good question though. I expect that we will see an updated version of the Combat Evolved Cortana, but I won’t cry if the Anniversary Edition is based off of her Halo 3 appearance.

I liked the look of the Halo 3 and Reach version, I’ll be happy if they made it look similar to either.

In Halo CE Cortana just didn’t look right.

Most likely they’ll use Reach’s model. I’d like them to reshape it similar to Halo CE’s, though. That’d serve as a test for them before they make the one for Halo 4 (Cortana was the only think I didn’t like in the Halo 4 teaser).

Halo 2/3 Cortana like my avatar. I know CEA is suppossed to be faithful, but Cortana’s original look isn’t as good imo.

Well hopefully they use the Reach Cortana.

Or I wouldn’t mind seeing her Halo 4 model in this game.

Hopefully the Halo 2/3 Cortana. it looked better.

> Well hopefully they use the Reach Cortana.

Me too, I thought that model looked great.

Halo 2/3/Reach. She looks so much better.

I hope they use the Halo 3 Cortana. She was… appealing. Creeper face lol

Guessing she will have the boy haircut like she did in halo 1, since it is halo 1 and all