Cortana Experiment Windows 10

Wasn’t really sure where to put this but hey Waypoint is as good a place as any I presume.

I just ran a little experiment with the Cortana program on Windows 10. I used the feature where Cortana listens to some music that you play and tries to identify the song for you. I was curious to see whether or not she could recognize songs from Halo Soundtracks. I also did several other songs as a control group. For the experiment I gave Cortana two chances to guess the song, once at the beginning of the song, and again about half way through the song.

Control Group
Let it Go (Frozen) - Recognized on the second try
Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) - Recognized on the first try
Fragments (RvB season 10) - Unable to recognize
Red like Roses part 2 (RWBY volume 1) - Unable to recognize

Halo Songs
Rock Anthem For Saving the World (Halo CE) - Unable to recognize
Unyielding (Halo 2) - Unable to recognize
One Final Effort (Halo 3) - Recognized on the first try
Revival (Halo 4) - Unable to recognize
Covenant Prayers (Halo 5) - Unable to recognize
The Trials (Halo 5) - Recognized on the second try

Anybody have any thoughts or comments about this. Personally I feel like Cortana should probably be able to recognize the songs off of any Halo soundtrack.

Well, sending sound out of what I’m going to assume was a phone speaker and then having a microphone pick that up and decipher it is going to be rather difficult until they can make said process better. So just wait until they update Cortana, I guess.

One- (Should have specified in the original post) I played the songs from my computer speakers into my computers microphone. Both are fairly high quality enough so that Cortana was able to understand several songs, seeming to suggest that the issue wasn’t that she couldn’t hear them but wasn’t able to identify them based off of whatever database she searches through.

Two- Don’t mistake my tone on this post, I’m not angry or complaining, I’m merely stating an observation that I found curious along with making the assertion that I would have assumed all the Halo soundtracks would be in above mentioned database.

interesting., i thought i was the only one who messes around and experiments with cortana cx

My thought is I hate the Cortana program on my Windows 10. She eats up too much memory for doing -Yoink- nothing.
Which I understand has nothing to do with your post, so I apologize.