Corrupted Campaign Saves

I completed the campaign and finally unlocked the Wasp, and now my save file won’t start at all. It shows the countdown and then nothing. Yet I can start a new game with no issue? I’ve seen other people with this glitch as well. Does anyone know of a fix?


There seems to be multiple issues with the campaign.
What I’ve encountered in the last hour:
1: Skipping cutscenes results in major bugs, from assets not loading, to random deaths but no checkpoint restars (almost like being betrayed on Co-op), to not being able to access the menu
2: Saves being over-written without even asking if I want to over-write. I lost a 70% save because of this and the above issues.
3: After encountering any of these bugs, quitting to main menu and attempting to start campaign again simply will not work.
4: Upon attempting a custom game afterwards with just me in it, no bots, the death issue persisted.

The only way to fix this so far is to restart the game, restart the campaign from scratch and not skip ANY cutscene.

I hate to say it, but this? Right here? Is absolutely a rookie mistake. Bugs like this should’ve been squashed months ago.


I also have this issue. Still around I guess. I don’t remember skipping any cutscenes, my game just crashed after the 11th mission then when I rebooted the save file just doesn’t load anymore. Extremely depressing.


Good day i have problem ?
When I play the campaign so during, it is an automatic save point and then the game stops going to me, write that the program has stopped working and it has been working for me almost since the beginning of the game, which I have already recorded for 17 hours and started the game via Xbox game pass, please you try to fix it.

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aun nadie sabe como resolver el problema de la campaña para no volver a iniciarla otra vez por completo?