Correct me if I am wrong...

There is a lot of negativity on the forums. Everyone knows it, if you deny it you are either blind, don’t get sarcasm or just refuse to believe it.

I feel like fixing 3 things with the game would make the negativity go away

Ranked Playlists
Social Playlists
Custom Games

That’s it. I know the custom game fix entails a decent chunk of work but I think the other 2 would be pretty easy. If they fixed these three things would you be on the forums complaining or would you be playing Halo 4?

I am still playing Halo 4 more than i come to the forums but i wouldn’t mind social/ranked split.

However ranked playlists need to be handled carefully and NOT have the traits that can make Halo 4 seem random and uncompetitive. What i mean is things like JIP , Flinch, Instant Respawn, random PODS, and unbalanced loadouts (Camo, Jetpacks, and Boltshots should get banned immediately) should not be in ranked. If you are striving for settings that are fitting for a ranked environment, they need to be as competitive as humanely possible. Ranked will be a disaster otherwise.

Though we need a TU before we even get to the business of ranked because it flew over the geniuses at 343 to not include options to turn things off at launch. Weapon balancing is understandable of course, i can wait (i am looking at you DMR/Boltshot).

Ranked doesn’t matter much if it still contains horrible balance.

It all depends on how well the ranked playlists are set up. A ranked playlist should have limited, or no, ordinance drops and should rely on map control and individual and team skill rather than luck of the draw from the ordinance drops.

I agree that a social list would be a huge improvement.