Corporate monetization will be the downfall of this game

The games fundamentals are rock solid, from the gameplay to the sound design to the lighting. However, much to every ones notice, there is a steep monetization incentive that will end up killing the games multiplayer. Instead of going the standard route of releasing the multiplayer and campaign in one 60$ package, with plenty of customization free, and mostly easy to unlock, in the multiplayer side of things. However some exec thought that using an excuse of a “free” multiplayer experience would justify gutting the heart and soul of halos armor customization that saw its height in reach. With “armor coatings” that are not cross armor compatible, it can only seem like they want me to pay multiple times for the same color just so I can use it on other cores. A good solution, which will never be implemented because they would make slightly less money, would be a reintroduction of a reach style credit and armor purchasing system with the only purchasable items from an in game store front being boosts to credits earned from matches played. They also need to completely free up the armor coatings being used on other armor cores. Im not sure if a great game being hamstrung by monetization is better or worse than what weve seen from 343 since theyve taken over halo.


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Did you get a temporary account suspension too?!?!?

I think the biggest problem for me is that you don’t even get to customise your colours from the start so everyone looks exactly the same. There have been some good suggestions in regards to changing the way the customisations and monetisation should work and I hope they do take them into consideration.

As long as people continue to be loud about the games issues and provide constructive feedback, I think they will eventually respond with positive changes much like that of EA with Battlefront 2.

I got my thread immediately locked the second I posted it for “Inappropriate content”. It’s a joke. I don’t want to be bitter, but this is ridiculous.

Oh, more ‘I want everything cheap, or free’ posts.

They do make a fair point, however I don’t exactly agree with their solution, bc it wouldn’t slightly make less money, it’d make them a bucketload less.

I believe there is a better compromise where some armours that are new designs are okay to be put in the shop, but these armour bundles should only be at most $10, not $20. If there is any coatings added, they should be cross-core compatible, not locked to one core. Lastly, I’m fine if they add weapon coating bundles to the shop, because weapon skins aren’t as important imo, and if the shop is more fair, I feel bad there would be inclined to spend money on the system as they feel it isn’t as predatory.

Now, with that being said, there should be an option for those who want to earn armours while playing for free. So I believe they should add specific challenges for armours, and on top of that, if there are armours that are in high dammed after they’ve been removed, they could add them back in, but earned as challenges now instead. Idk, I see this option as a WIN-WIN for both the players and 343 personally.

However, I will only support this sort of monetisation if that means that if there are planned DLCs they come free or at a greatly reduced price depending on the size of the campaign DLC. But that’s all I have to say on the situation.