Cores are characters

I may be slow, and others have realised this but it’s not chat worthy, so I haven’t seen it.
But I think i343 is doing a “character” system with cores, in spirit of course. At Least the similarities are there and functions similar enough.

Let’s take Overwatch, or DotA, or LoL as example. You can gain new skins and/or items to equip on specific characters, but they’re not usable outside of that character.

Pretty much how Armor Cores work. Albeit, the reasoning is having a huge item pool of duplicates to potentially sell.
The inspiration for this is individual items for characters in other games.

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In other games though aren’t the items usually different? If I get bracers for Urza in Dota 2 I understand why they’re only available for Urza. They wouldn’t fit/match any other character models. As we’ve seen with bots the armor pieces work just fine for the most part on different cores.

Yeah but spartans a bit different. If each core has the ability to smartlink (connection must be the same), why do parts only fit on one core? Even in 2021 we are trying to be backward compatible as much as possible. They wanna tell me in 500 years this isn’t a thing anymore?

In a war there are many differnt types of cores and they would make them as compatible as possible because you could switch broken parts easily…

The only reason to restrict them is greed.

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Yes they are, and i343 use the design philosophy over to Infinite, despite the items being the same, and that to have more items to sell for less work.

I’m not defending them, I’m pointing out my observation and thoughts.
Bots work for i343 and are subject to other rules.

Not saying otherwise.
I’m pointing out an observation I made.

We’re supposed to believe a coat of paint does not work on different cores?
The metal requires different types of paint coats which all get different surfaces, preventing certain paint types from properly sticking to it?

But the closest comparison we have, is customizable characters from other games, i343 just took it a step in a weird odd direction.

That’s not an excuse to restrict customization between cores, this system, however you’d prefer to describe it exists to sell you the same items multiple times.

I would pay 1 or 2 bucks to create a own coating.

Not excusing, pointing out.
It’s a shallow transparent way of doing exactly what you say.

They do work on different cores


I was under the impression that you needed to unlock armor coats per core

Did you check out the image I linked, I got waypoint to display Willow Tea on Yoroi and Stone Green on Mark V [B]. I didn’t actually equip them. I found a glitch that lets you preview any item on any core.

What you have to do is equip the armor you want to try out a piece of armor on. Say you want to try a coating on Yoroi, so you equip Yoroi. Then in the waypoint app you go to modify Mark VII (assuming the coating is on Mark VII). Next, go to coatings and equip the one you want (you don’t even need to have it unlocked), then hit the body tab. It’ll now show the coating on Yoroi. You can do it for any piece of armor and any core, this was just an example.

Unfortunately the glitch doesn’t allow you to equip these combinations, just to preview them.

Just tested Karaba Sirocco on Yoroi.

I want it so bad now.

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But I’ve come to understand that if you wish to equip a specific coat on a specific core, you need have it unlocked for that core, despite owning that specific armor coat on another core.