Core infantry vs air

I feel like core infantry should have a t3 upgrade to help them defend against air, infantry beats air but they dont have a chance against mass air. All it takes is one decent leader power and they are gone, reavers seem to do a good job as banished against air but I feel the unsc lack a solid anti air

Aren’t Vultures good against air?

Not that I disagree, the UNSC’s AA is underwhelming.

I agree, how does infantry beat air when no infantry has a green against air units in their description? At least give marines a boost to green against air after their combat mechanic upgrade, they’re given rocket launchers so why wouldn’t that be anti air? They should boost the damage the rockets do against air like 10% - 15%.

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> Aren’t Vultures good against air?
> Not that I disagree, the UNSC’s AA is underwhelming.

Air units shouldn’t be the counter especially since they state that they are following the rock paper scissor aspects with, infantry vehicle and air. Air and vehicles do extreme amounts of damage vs all units but no infantry unit has a green against air even though they say infantry beats air? Not attacking you, just kinda following up on what you’re saying.

Don’t Marines get a rocket launcher?

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> Don’t Marines get a rocket launcher?

Someone’s gotta say it…

"…We had sticks! Two sticks, and a rock for the whole platoon—and we had to share the rock!

I just cant seem to counter pop cap banshees with unsc. Maybe im doing it wrong, hornets seem to trade pretty well with them and vultures if you micro right and hit them with the Phoenix missle but thats air v air. Just put all the marines in mantises problem solved.

Wolverines will definitely do the trick if you have upgraded them and micro them. Keep in mind the wolverine is basically a support vehicle, so you don’t want it on the front line. It has light armor, but great range, speed, and damage. If you play wolverines from the back and evade banshees with micro, they’ll do the trick just fine. About 8-10 will do the trick no problem, so long as you have spent recourses on vehicle upgrades.

That being said, infantry is very strong as is. Marines and grunts, pop for pop, will beat air if you can catch them. Maybe marine rockets could do a bit more AA damage, as could grunts, but I don’t think too much tweaking is needed in that area.

Full pop air (especially UNSC with vultures) is very difficult to counter due to AA being a vehicle unit. If you are banished, a mix of reavers and torpedo banshees works ok, however infantry does need more help in regard to air (rock paper scissors idea). I think marines/grunts tier 3 upgrade should give the, anti air weapons, hopefully this will stop the pop cap air builds.

Maybe if they add a grunt leader they could give him a grunt deacon unit with a squad full of needlers that are strong against air no?

Marines eat Crayola. They’re too screwed in the head to beat Air😂

-saying this as a future sailor. Just trying to get my material ready when I hit the fleet.

On a side note I did kill two condors with Gale support with pop grunts one time, guy quit right after. He didn’t mini mac me or use powers though.