Core gatekeeping

It’s honestly a bad business decision to limit colours and accessories to certain cores.

I’d have bought a bunch of things, including today the kitty ears I’ve been waiting for, but they aren’t for the Reach core I use!

The Christmas skin is only on one core too… Why?! It takes the fun away for everyone not using that one Core.


Totally agree. Make all items agnostic to armor core, weapon or vehicle.

I too would have bought things from the store had they not been locked to certain cores.


Making a accessories for all cores would be hard because each core has completely different armor sets. But I agree on the colours, they should be available for all cores.


They’re absolutely losing money from tonnes of people.


Very true, designing workable shoulder pieces for example to work on any core would be difficult to design. I was more specifically referring to colors, vehicle/weapon skins and emblems.


I disagree because they could just adjust where the item sits. The kitty ears might just need to be lower down on the Reach core, maybe higher up on the Samurai core.

Extra work, sure. But also extra money! It’s absolutely worth the extra time to make it happen, don’t you agree?


The longer we hold out the more likely they will be to adjust the prices. They have already stated they are looking into store prices and might be adjusted later on.

In time I feel like 343 will get it sorted out and it will be a non issue. Until then I’ll just keep unlocking event stuff and playing until the next BP comes out, then repeat.


No reason to limit the colors to specific cores other than an attempt to sell the same thing multiple times. Scummy, scammy, and shameful.


Yeah I don’t like the sound of that. I don’t think they’ll release a seperate kitty ears package for other seperate cores. But if they did I’d buy it.

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That I’m not sure of. It would depend on how they hitboxes and other things like that work. If a helmet is tied to the hit box and they just lower it to fit to the core it would change the location of head shots.

This is speculation of course as I have 0 insight on how it would actually be implemented

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Im not convinced small accessories make a difference to hit boxes


The problem is that there is no customization spot for something like that, if you would want to have cat ears on a Reach armor it would be a separate Reach Helmet, not something you could just put on any armor core if that makes sense.

It can be put on all the helmets on the core it’s being sold on! I don’t think it would work differently on another core


Are you sure? I thought it’s only for the first helmet of the Mark VII core?

Yeah I took a look, surprised it wasnt only one helmet. Gutted they made it for multiple helmets but not for my core.

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No it wouldn’t. They already work on different cores. Bots can do it, and you view it with the waypoint glitch. The system already allows for crosscore, it’s just not enabled.


I see, the only explanation I can think of is that Reach Core armor is exclusive to the battle pass and only original armor variants are available.

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True helmet attachments would not make a difference to hitbox (or I have yet to see any evidence supporting they would).

I totally forgot about helmet attachments lol I thought the cat ears were just another helmet haha.

Ya designing the attachment wouldnt be too bad to implement I don’t think.

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Another tidbit I forgot about. Good point. If bots can do it then the framework is already there.

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Do you have the Waypoint app? You bought the cat ears. You can test if they work on Reach cores. Equip MK VII and a helmet with cat ears on. Then go into the waypoint app. Go to customization, scroll over to MK V [B]. Hit modify (not equip). Equip a helmet, then hit body at the top of the app. You should now have the helmet you equipped on your MK VII armor with helmet attachments. I am almost positive this would work, but I haven’t bought the kitty ears, so I can’t test.

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