Copy games like far cry 6 and apex

Why doesn’t 343 just copy games like apex for multiplayer and skins and far cry for open world greatness?

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Far cry is not open world greatness. Its a better example of open world busy work. In fact, The campaign already is basically a copy of Far Cry’s open world. I dont know how much different 6 is from its predecessors, but all i remember doing is running around liberating outposts and leveling up my character. Now did I just explain Far Cry or Halo Infinite? Cuz honestly both games fit the description.

As for apex, theres leaked footage that Halo had a hero shooter mechanic in the works. Thankfully that wasnt implemented into the rest of the game because i’ve had enough of these hero shooters where they dont belong. Battlefield tried doing and created yet another installment on its list of “horrible game design and blunders in development.” Ever since Overwatch and Siege came out, every FPS has made an attempt to copy them and it rarely works.

Halo shouldnt be copying other games in order to create something great. Halo should be creating its own games that other developers look to when they want to create something great. Why just copy and paste?

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Wouldnt mind episodic style PVE skirmishes with your MP Spartan. Think Destiny Strikes with a LoTR style nemesis system, where your fireteam, 3-6 players embark on a short 10-15min mission. Have these maybe on rotation, or randomized. Just something to give a layer of PVE function to thr multiplayer

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I think they should copy games like Halo 2 and 3 for multiplayer and go back to levels for campaign.


I think the open world could have worked, they just implemented it so poorly. The point of an open world is to incentivize exploration.

Now imagine if instead of finding dead spartans only through scripted events that unlocked new armor abilities, the game reserved the unlocks instead for people who explored. Instead of only finding spartans dead, you found the ones who survived and then got to play a little side mission that explained how they survived. It wouldnt have impact on the main campaign progress, but it would incentivize exploration and offer a hefty reward for the players who did find them.

343 could have done so much with an open world, but they pretty much only did linear missions that you had to run or drive or fly to.

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