Copping flack because I'm in Australia

The other day i was on reddit and someone had posted a clip of desync/rubber banding and claiming how pathetic it is on a 15ms game etc

Nothing strange about that, happens all the time. What i noticed was that I was the one who killed him.

I made a light hearted comment about how that was me and i was using “the bullets bending around corners perk” and noted that I was aussie based.

I went to bed, didnt think much of it.

The next day, check reddit as you do…and there was 100s of comments on this post.

Most of them negatively bashing me, aussie gamers etc.

Not new to the internet, i understand that people have differing opinions and immature emotional responses etc

What struck me a little was the sense of entitlement people have and the blame they are willing to place on other’s.

An example of comments;

  • Im the reason desync occurs and affects their gaming experience
  • My internet is terrible and is causing their game to perform poorly
  • I shouldnt be allowed to play in their game it should disconnect me
  • I should only be allowed to play on australian based servers and if there isnt one I shouldnt be able to play
  • Australians should be barred from playing

These comments went on and on and on.

Unfortunately gaming is worldwide, it’s not isolated to one part of the world and variation in games is going to occur.

I guess the point im trying to make, is that these comments are not helpful and not something that individual gamers can control.

I have a fibre connection to my house, 500d/100up.

My ping can be 20ms 5 games straight, or it can drop me into games at 200ms.

I can play a game at 20ms, and in the very next game with half the same players it is now 180ms.

I can hit search on team slayer and within 10 seconds its connecting to server and drops me into a game thats 210ms unstable latency.

These are things I cannot control, it is not my fault the system is dropping me into these games.

As someone who has played halo for 20 years, i enjoy playing and take the good with the bad.

I pay for xbox live just like everyone else, and shouldnt have to be abused by random indivudals blaming me for these issues because Im Australian based.

Just ignore them.

They wish they could live in a country like Australia.

And there is a very good chance they are drinking rubbish beer.

A quick Google and it seems that out to 100ms or so will mainly be your problem.

100 to 200ms may start to cause problems for other players. Particularly on in close / fast attacks. But still worse for you.

More than 200ms is bad for everyone. Teleporting etc.

Bottom line through. It’s not your fault. Play on!

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Respect the Aussie gamers!

Do I experience lag spikes with my bois down under?
Yes, but only in Custom Games.

Otherwise my mates from Sydney, Brisbane, and Hobart are some of the best teammates I have!
A band of Chips Dubbos!

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i eat chips for breakfast

this is a joke btw, i have zero tolerance for people giving others those kinds of problems.

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Man I love Australia - flew there from the U.K. from an Indian wedding a couple years back.

The people giving you grief can get yoinked. It’s a game FFS.

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