Coordinating forge plans for November 8

We will churn out more really great new forge maps and custom games for the holidays if we work together VS forging alone.

I suggest in the time leading up to November 8th several committed people brainstorm new map ideas and all agree to concentrate their unified efforts on completing one map at a time together before beginning a new concept. This way, in short order, a variety of really unique and really completely playable maps and game mode pairs will emerge during the time in between November 8 and season 3 custom game browser release.

by the time we open the custom game browser we want to see a great variety of maps and modes in contrast to incomplete and monotonous servers.


Fellow Spartan,

I love the idea of communicating and working together, but forge is an open world work at your own pace when it comes down to it. I’m not sure how much success you’ll have, but maybe try to reach out to a small group of forgers to work together on a specific project.

Good luck!


I’m all for helping others out.

I’m going to hit scripting in a big way.

Happy to help with tutes etc once I work it out.


i will try to regularly livestream my forge sessions on youtube so that it is easier for like minds to coagulate like platelets around a nexus of live activity

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