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Hello Spartans,

I’ve just joined the PC Flight Program and cannot understand how to gain access to the Cooperative modes available for Flight Testing.

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It’s not 11 July in West Coast US yet.

This article includes some info:``Preformatted text

We will be flighting this Campaign Network Co-Op and Mission Replay experience through the Halo Insider program from the week of July 11.

We’re looking for Spartans out there to help us put things through their paces in order to ensure that there are no big issues that make it through to the full release.

What are the team’s overall goals for the campaign Network Co-Op flight?

From a technical perspective, our main goal with this flight is to catch any networking issues that are specific to Campaign Co-Op.

What are the requirements and necessary steps for someone to participate in this upcoming flight?

It’s simple! Here’s a quick blurb, but keep an eye out for full instructions once the flight is officially underway.

Step 1: Make sure you’re signed up to the Halo Insider program

Step 2: Ensure you have the entitlement to Halo Infinite (Campaign). (i.e. you have purchased it or have an active Xbox Game Pass subscription)

Step 3: If you’re participating on Xbox, have the Xbox Insider app downloaded, and opt into the Network Co-Op flight program once the flight is live. If you’re playing on Steam, you’ll be sent a unique key via Halo Insider communications to download the flighting build.

Step 4: Launch the build, party up with friends, and jump into Zeta Halo!


If you joined I’ll tell you what it will look like.

The flight only opens during that day, no pre-download. I expect they’ll start rolling it out in a few hours after posting this.

You can either keep checking your Insider page under “My flights” or wait for an email.

In the meantime, check your HDD/SDD storage. Flights are their own separate builds from the retail game, meaning they are their own separate download. The flight should be smaller than the main game, but you’ll still have to download. So if you’re out of storage, clear some. Then of course you’ll have to wait during the download time too.

So, when you get access to a flight you redeem the code like you would with steam-keys. The flight will pop up like a new game. It should say “Halo Infinite - Insider” That’s how they did it before launch and for MCC. Since this is co-op, they might do what they did before and send extra codes to you so you can send it to friends.

After that, load up the game, check news to see if they are only up for a certain time, make sure you submit support tickets because 343 seems to send less automated replies for flights than the standard tickets, and play as much as you can in the time allowed.

If you’re interested in future flights what you can do is keep the game installed on Steam and for the next flight and it should update automatically. You won’t be able to access the Insider build between flights though so it will just take up space in the meantime.

Just remember, flights aren’t like modern “beta tests” where it’s basically the full game minus small tweaks. These flights can often have glitches and are rough in polish. They can change alot between flight and retail. And quality can vary wildly from system to system, however they want as many systems and PC’s on the flights as possible so the game can work on the widest range of systems. So if you’re having horrible framerate issues, textures not working right, heavy lag with your friends, etc. Don’t quit the flight. These things are expected, power through them if the game doesn’t soft lock or crash (which also can happen) and send those tickets in. Sometimes they’ll even find a fix while the flight is still up and update it. Remember, this isn’t meant to be an early preview or a sneak-peek. Consider this like 343 is expanding their QA testing beyond their ideal-office-environments. We’re their testers.

That said, I hope the flight will be fun. My GF and I haven’t played the campaign because we’ve been waiting for co-op and I’ve been an insider since MCC PC came out. So i’m waiting on my flight info too.

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I made my own post. Thanks though.

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I have the game through game pass and my halo infinite through steam is only multiplayer (not campaign since i have gamepass).

Do I use Steam or Game Pass to play Campaign Coop? I see no new beta flights under my Active Flights. It is 1:30AM currently for me.