Coop needs it's own save spots

What needs to happen is you get 4 solo save spots and 4 coop save spots (kinda wish it was unlimited )
But if you have to sacrifice one of the 4 save spots just to play coop with your buddies is going to get old real fast, what if you have multiple groups of friends or just different buddies who want to play coop with you, hoping you don’t have to delete a save file just to be able to play with them, the 4 save spots is going to become a hindrance very fast

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I don’t think you understand how coop works.

It doesn’t overwrite your save slot. Instead it adds any new progress made to your existing slot, but when you load it up you will be right back where you left off. Just with any additional collectibles you acquired in coop.

If your buddy is starting a fresh game, and you load up a game that’s gotten to The Road for instance, the coop session will start from scratch. But when. You load up your save in single player you will be back on The Road. While your buddy who started fresh will be where your coop session left off, because that’s now the farthest they progressed.

If you happen to get an audio log you never found during that coop session, it will now be counted as collected in your The Road save.


Curently we have a max of 4 save slots
What I’m saying is they need coop save slots so when coop gets added your solo 4 save slots wont be effected, cause people do multiple playthroughs, an easy one to play around in, legendary, and laso and so on, there is 3 slots i currently have, so if the coop playlist which i dont think they talked about doesnt have its own 4 slots the host will have to figure out what to get rid of, simple fix is a coop list as i said with coop only save files

It doesn’t affect your save though, it only adds progress to it if you happen to do something you haven’t done yet.

And part of the coop update includes the ability to play on any difficulty, with any skulls active no matter what your save is on.

You don’t lose any progress on your saves when you play coop, you only gain it. So if you don’t want to add any progress to a serious solo playthrough save, like a LASO or Legendary solo one, just pick your easy save that you mess around on and no harm will be done, when you go back to solo you’ll still be on easy, and you won’t lose anything.

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