Coop Campaign

Three times during Halo 2 twice on delta Halo and once on Regret the MCC has frozen and the audio has bugged out. This occurs during my coop campaign. 343 please fix this and allow coop campaigns to save progress. I am beyond frustrated that I have to skip missions because I refuse to replay an entire mission and have it freeze again. Not only is MP screwed up but the campaigns are buggy. There is no excuses for this. No apologies acceptable. How did these freezing bugs get passed QA testing. Seriously I have played every Halo since the first game, day one of every release but this is plain shoddy work. You should be embarrassed. I’m very close to getting a refund. I love the Halo series to death but the MCC is a mess. Thanks for tarnishing the name of one of my most beloved franchises.

i have the same issue here.