Coop campaign lag: enemies take 0.5-1 second to die after being shot

I’m on the same network as my coop partner, just in separate rooms. When I shoot someone in the head, it takes about 0.5-1 second for them to die. Sometimes the delay is worse, sometimes it’s better. Has anyone else noticed this?

It’s not just enemies deaths being delayed. Some actions, like picking up and throwing fusion coils are also delayed. How can there be this much lag when we’re on the same network? How can there be this much lag at all?
There’s also a fair amount of minor teleporting going on. Such as I shoot my grapple, tiny teleport, and the game reverts me to prior to shooting my grapple.
It’s not even this bad in the multiplayer.

The lag seems to be worse temporarily after respawning.

Of note, no such lag exists in the MCC.

Fusion coil interaction lag example:

Headshot delay lag example:

That’s basically how it plays the whole time.

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If this is only affecting you and not your co-op partner, I’m led to believe there’s something wrong with whatever you’re using. If it’s a PC, maybe some kind of bad network setting/issue with your computer? Maybe try playing campaign with an online friend and see if you experience the same issue when you’re the only one on your network playing.

It’s both of us.
I’ll report back later when I play with someone else not on the same network. Wondering if others have the same lag though.

yeah, my son and I experienced the same thing earlier, overall the coop felt very laggy and unfinished. on the same network wired and same room

I experienced this earlier playing coop. Noticed it the most trying to headshot enemies with there being a slight delay to their deaths or just missing shots that should have been a headshot. Ping was also stable at about 55. We would run into the occasional lag spikes however, both our pings were stable during these so I’m guessing it just needs to be optimized better considering it’s so new.