Coop Campaign idea

Hello 343, and beautifull community, i tryed the campaign and it’s really really good imo. Didn’t finish the solo yet so maybe i’m completly out of reality realm ! But i noticed that MP tutorial has kinda cinematic start with story in it, i think Halo Coop campaign should stay with our MP Spartans in an heavy story campaign and maybe following our belloved MasterChief after the campaign ? Or cover the 6 Months black on Zeta Halo, following the story of others Spartans and characters before it get what we are living in the solo campaign. I’m really curious of what the community and 343 think of this. Do you guys would like this kind of coop ?

Oh and btw 343, i love what you did to Halo, the Armors are old school i love it, the music, the ambiances, the spirit of Halo is here and that’s all i need from an halo game ! I’m thankfull that you didn’t destroy a legendary licence this year like EA with kuf kuf SpécialField 2042. I’m thankfull !

People have always more voices for saying negatives things, but they never voices the positif things and i’m kinda myself not voicing a lot. And i really think that people should voices more when positive thing happen. Because in the end of the day, we players play the game and if we let people saying only bad thing no one can tell if the game is good or not. Happend to Battlefield V back in the days ! So yeah 343, keep going ! you are doing great ! (Exept micro transaction a bit to high to my taste but meh ! ) I have hope for Halo, and i hope you’ll have a bit more love from the community because you deserve it ! <3 <3 <3

No, CooP campaign should be the campaign we got already with the ability to play with a friend… not some whole new campaign or the 6 months timelapse… besides a lot of the details from that 6 months are covered in audio logs

I’m kinda bored to play coop as two John 117 tbh. I really loved Reach campaign with your Spartan, and having an other PoV of zeta halo could be nice, specialy with the dark tone that halo infinite have. And yeah lot of details are in audio logs, but it’s not the same thing as living those moments with other Spartans. I’m pretty sure you can have a lot of emotions in that 6 months events

My idea for co-op is that it releases within one year of single player game.

its is coming in may