Cool Visor...

HEy guys who of you think this visor ( needs to be in Halo 4? maybe as an 130 unlock or so… by the way there are many cool visor ideas for halo 4 in the internet just search for them at google

Um…no. Its too…sharky. xD

That… disturbs me…

Hahah i actually love it!

> That… disturbs me…

Ah the RoosterTeeth Red Vs Blue Flamethrower insurgent.

And no, I don’t think I really want it in game, you would need to code it so it worked perfectly on every helmet and those with thin or pointed visors would never be able to use it.

lol that would be great haha

Red vs blue visor! I love it, actually Project Freelancer visor but still ya i want it

It kinda looks like a shark bit through your head:/

Ha! I actually kinda like it, it could be a great intimidator.

make it that you can only get that if you played at MLG. that way only the kool kids can have it

and the smiley and frowny form red vs blue