Cool Theater Idea

Theater has many functions, one of them being to watch games with the purpose of learning how to play better. For example, you can either watch from your own perspective to recognize mistakes, good plays and strategize; or you can watch from other players perspective to see how you engaged an enemy etc.The idea I have is focused on the latter as its now (in Halo 5) finally possible to watch other players first person perspectives.

I want a function that scripts the gameplay in such a way that it goes through the whole game to mark the time of every player vs player event you have to let you just press a button that shows the entire game from your opponents perspectives at the times you engage them. Kind of like a killcam/deathcam for every battle you have during the game. Say you have a battle at 11:45 into a game and then at 11:27; this function would show (from game start) your perspective until 11:50 (4 seconds ahead) and then switch to the player you will battle in 4 seconds; after the battle ends (either player dies or someone disengages) the camera switches back to your perspective until 11:31 when it switches to the player you will battle in 4 seconds.

Who else would want this? The purpose could be whatever; some people just want to see themselves out-smarting or out-playing their opponents, some people want to see how they could’ve done differently in a certain encounter, etc.

Any feedback and thoughts (or endorsements :)) is welcome.