Cool sticky detonator ideas

Hi spartans! Me and my friend came up with some ideas about what can you do with sticky detonators. In fact, you can do lots of things with them.

  • You can make a moving grenade out of one of your friends or simply make them -Yoink!--proof by sticking one bomb to them. The poor enemies that come near your buddy’s corpse might have a surprise. - You can transform a warthog or any other vehicle into a booby trap by placing one bomb on the driver’s/gunner’s seat. This method can also be used to kill the guys that hijacked your booby trap. - You can make sure no enemy captures your flag in “Meta Raid” by placing one in the tight area located in the middle of the map. This way, if you always detonate it at the right time you can’t lose the match. - You can secure important strategic points in maps like “Complex” by securing the doors of a specific building using the method explained above. - If you have one of these baddies you can actually own any turret you want - You can go kamikaze styleIf you found any other uses to this tool of destruction please post them here.