Cool Map Idea: The Mine

I had this idea for a decent halo 4 map today i dub the Mine (name not the best i know). It would take place in a crystal cavern that is used to mine the crystals used in the needler weaponry, so basically, its a big pink cave. The map would feature close quarter fighting, destructable stalagtites (or whichever hangs from the ceiling :confused: ), and explosive pink crystals. There would also be some evidence that the elites (or brutes) have been mining, including stairways, minecarts (for movable cover), and grav lift elevators.

Anyway thats my idea. Hope you all enjoyed it, and please, help me come up with a better name :stuck_out_tongue:

So basically, Waterworks on acid.

I can get behind that.

So like Waterworks but with crystals?

> So like Waterworks but with crystals?

not what i was originally thinking, but hey, whatever floats your boat :smiley:

If the rock that forms the cave is the same rock used as Needler projectiles, then wouldn’t the entire map explode into painful pink mist the second someone misses a BR shot and hits a wall?


Close quaters or broad style of play?

Small or large map?

I like it.

Hey I like the idea. Great way to throw a little halo lore in with the map. But its gotta have a good layout.

Call it excavation.