Cool Ideas


Sentinel Beam ( Obviously )

Monitor Beam - This gun pushes you back and deals medium damage, however who is being attacked by a monitor beam they’re shields are 20% weaker.

Contraction Gun - Shoots 4 yellow beams ( like a shot gun ) when they hit a target the target’s shield gets weaker.

Siphon Gun - Shoots like the Sentinel beam, when it hits you it drains your shield rapidly and your’s starts to regenerate fast, however it doesn’t do that much damage to raw HP.

Battle Rifle - ( Its about time )

Assault Rifle - ( Yes )

RMR ( Rapid Machine Rifle ) - It has 2 modes, rockets & Clips. It can fire up to 2 Rockets before it needs to be reloaded.

Spartan Rifle - It has 2 modes, gernade and precision. Precision deals low to medium damage and has 20 Clips. Gernade lets you shoot 2 per clip.


Sentinel Turret - Deploys a portable sentinel turret that shoots a mini sentinel beam which drains shields.

Sentinel Armor - Adds a more compact armor to yours, making you move 30% slower but then you takes 35% less damage for 3 minutes.

Enchanter - Puts an attachment on your gun which increases its damage & accuracy by 20% for 3 minutes.

Shield - A shield is on your right arm ( Like how a spartan has ), it replaces your second weapon ( You cannot use your second weapon while you have a shield ). When you switch weapons you switch to your shield instead, you take 45% less damage with the Energy Shield. However Plasma weapons make this shield weaker and weaker like a jackal shield.

Ranks ( Some )

Supreme Commander

Imperial Admiral







Game Types

Defend your Monitor - Each team has a Monitor in a castle like structure protected by 10 Sentinels. The Monitor on each team deals major damage and can with stand major damage.

The Sentinel’s are…



Sentinel Majors

Sentinel Powers - They’re beams deal MAJOR damage to all equipments.

Sentinel Destroyer - Theses deal MAJOR damage to all VEHICLES.

Also do you think there should be assassinations in Halo 4?

Making this on the spot.

Lazar Pistol- Has too barrels, one in the usual place on top of the gun, and one right under your hand at the bottom of the gun. The gun is fairly weak but both barrels shoot one after the other at a rapid speed.

<a href=",1008,1045%26table%3DPUBLISH%26template%3Dgallery&docid=-DVZQ4KiX619eM&imgurl=,r:1,s:0">This is the best pic from google that is like my idea. Picture both bars at the front of the gun as separate barrels.</a>

Not sure why my link looks so f’d up.

you said it all, but wait, yea you did. how bout… you know, the only thing missing here is duel weilding.

A raygun that shoots those classic rings of light

Good ideas. If would make one suggestion it would be to add LMG’s. LMG’s(light machine guns)have never been in a Halo so I thought it would be cool. It would be a power weapon of course, it would have a 300 round clip, kill in 29 successful impacts, and have a bipod that you can set up over rocks and stuff. It won’t slow you down.