Cool gametype idea for halo 5 multiplayer!

I’ve been making a lot of plane crash maps on halo 4 lately and it go me thinking… It kind of sucks that everyone just spawns with weapons and is all locked and loaded right away.

So here’s my idea plain and simple, a gametype/gametype option to have players start with no weapons, and only able to use their fists, but can be allowed to pick up weapons.
This option would be really cool for games where you’ve crashed, or you want to make your game have players running around with no weapons. This would be excellent for duck hunt maps, crash sites, or whatever you can think of.

I also think it would be cool if there was a gametype called SALVAGE:
Players have to start off with no weapons and some sort of crash site or part of the map, and then have to run around salvaging weapons. Players can defend themselves with their fists if they’re wise, but if they were caught without a weapon and get into a ranged weapon scenario, they would be done for.

What do yous think? I would really like to see something like this in halo 5!
Do yous have any suggestions? Let me know down below! Keep it positive guys, this isn’t a thread to rip on 343 or halo 4!

Gametypes (That should be in Social MM)

Cops n’ Robbers:
Mid Size Slayer - 6v6

  • Stand Were You Are! (Cops)
  • You’ll Never Catch Me!(Robbers)

Hide n’ Seek:
Slayer, 8 or 4v4, no Motion Sensor

  • Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are…

Indiana Jones:
Slayer FFA - 8

  • Run for your lives, Deathball is rollin’

Mid Size/BTB Slayer - 6v6

  • Rock em’ and Shock em’

Melee Slayer
BTB FFA Slayer, Golf Clubs - 16

  • Let’s Start A Mob

This is a good idea.

I like the idea but I don’t like how there is no option for voting “No”.

I love the idea, OP.

I think a simple option to spawn players with no weapons would suffice, no need for a full on new playlist.

Fist popping already exists for beat downs with certain weapons, so no big efforts there.

I think it would benefit machinima makers, if they can get the stance right and not goofy looking.

Please use this thread for Halo 5 ideas/suggestions, thanks.