Converted to armour fan - Rakshasa

Been playing Halo for 20 years. Never really got into armours. I knew what I didn’t like (unicorn helmet for one). But for context, in H5 I pretty much had default armour until I won a helmet that looked a bit like Ant Man - and wore that through to the end. Pretty much 5 years for one helmet (and same brown and gold colour combo).

In Infinite I’ve warmed to the coatings quite a bit. Still don’t have MY colours - but I do have 3 or 4 I’ve been happily rotating through.

But the only armour piece I’ve really used are the Cat’s Ears. Mostly to annoy my kids. But then I had to buy the Stormfall helmet - which goes very nicely with the ears. In the end I was happy with my grape coating and Daisy flower pinned to my chest.

And that may have been the turning point? Without me actually realising it.

I have been paying more attention to the different set ups. There is a reasonable variation shown off in the pre-game stances. And I kind of let out an inaudible boo everytime I see a Spartan in their default grey - what a party pooper!

And then a couple of days ago I impulse purchased a bundle from the store. The coating was kind of cool (white with gold accents) and the stance was very cool (boom box). It was a bit of a value stretch - but I was thinking that we’ll get cross core use of coatings eventually.

While waiting to find a game I drifted across to the armour vault and saw that I had the Rakshasa core (it must be very early in the BP). Clicked on it. Applied my new coating and saw the gloves. The yellow taping to hold them together is magical. I remember smiling when I saw duct tape on a bit of armour in the BP reveal. But the yellow taping really stands out.

I think I am in love with my first armour set up. I now can’t wait until BP level 78 as the yellow shoulder walkie talkie looks great with this coating. I’ve changed the visor. Chosen some new knee pads.

It’s taken 20 years but I am finally warming to armours.


I’m still on the fence with the armor coating system so far. I’ve found the coatings I want for all of my cores, but I’m not completely happy with it. As far as the armors go, I love most of them. I have my favorites right now, but Mark VII is about to get the boot once War Master comes. I’m more into the grounded OG Halo style they’ve gone with in Infinite than the futuristic, doesn’t actually look that functional armor they had in 4 and 5. My top request is that they have a way to create custom coatings or tweak existing ones either down the road in a seasonal update or in the next game.


Great advertising, I too shall consume and purchase


i love the new helmet that has teeth on the visor, “Artaius”, however i wish we were able to remove the teeth part if we wanted to.

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Rakshasa is pretty good…problem is that its sharing the Season with the Eagle Strike armor core and hell yeah I’m gonna be rocking a Helghast/Jin-roh look for my Spartan.


Cool. The commissions slowly add up.

Or maybe… just occasionally… there is some fun to be found in the game. You should try it sometime. Life is too short to be so bitter and twisted all the time.


exactly what i said yesterday


I don’t really like Rakhasa that much but I bought the BP anyway because it has a sizable amount of cosmetics in it. So in the event I wanna Rakhasa with the boys, I’ll have it ready. Also buying this BP essentially means I’ve bought all the BPs, that is unless 343 pulls some BS the next BP.

I’m really digging the Rakhasa armor . It’s the first core that I’ve been comfortable mismatching my armor pieces on. I know that sounds weird but I like how the matching armor looks on the main core and find it hard to mismatch it but with this one it seems to be more suited to mixing it up.

Edit: I was primarily talking about mismatched pauldrons.

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I have fun putting humor into the current state of Halo by calling out what the game has become. Some people cope by giving them lots of money, some like to call them out. Different strokes for different folks


This is a good thing then, right?