Conversion and return of Infection (Gametype Idea)

I’ve read a lot of threads and posts about how Infection needs to return, and I agree with them. It’s arguably the best mode in Halo multiplayer in terms of fun, and it’s the main reason I started this thread. What I’m thinking of is a brand new custom gametype that is based on Infection:

“Conversion” would be a 2-team gametype where you need to convert the entire team to win, but you would be able to convert enemies back to your team as well.

Recommended options for Conversion gametype
Convert back (Yes/No) - Selecting Yes would allow players to convert teammates who have been converted by the enemy team.
Infection Mode (Yes/No) - Selecting Yes will disable the Convert Back option, but open up the Infected Traits section
Infected Traits - Here you would set traits for those who have been converted, including whether they are Zombies, Flood or Prometheans

The reason behind this idea is Infection - said gametype could be created as a Conversion variant. 343 could even make it a preset gametype.