Controversy over the DMR

first i agree with most of you about the DMR needing to get toned down just abit. make it like 5 shots, increase the bloom between shots, or just slow the rate of fire. but we already know the DMR well enough to know that much. but you dont see much of the people talking about the Carbine. im a Carbine user since ive been a fan of it in Halo 2. so glad its back and all but it has its moments. i can pull off a few 5-6 shot kills with it and im pretty happy with it. but could use the slightest peck more damage so it can match up to DMR and BR and Light Rifle. but mostly the DMR.

Ive tested in custom games with a few friends. them using all there own loadouts. of course, and me with my carbine. if i was able to put a good 2-3 shots of carbine into them before the turned around with their DMR, i could usually get the kill but had situations where it was beaten out by some miracle that is the DMR. BR seems fine but you need to land all 3 shots in the burst in 4 bursts to beat the DMR most of the time.

Light Rifle is fine the way it is. i feel like the Forerunner weapon should be very powerful instead of a human weapon being that strong. it makes more sense that alien tech would be stronger than human tech. example the AR vs. Storm Rifle. try them both and compare. you’ll see what i mean.

anyway thats my view on it. i would like to know what you all think btw. if you would like to play just add me if you want. GT is the same as on here of course. i leave you with this Rainbow Dash awesome face. /)^3^(\