Controversial Idea: Take Legendries out of the BP / Require skill-based unlocks

Just bare with me for a minute before you decide to love or hate me

So inspired by the topic of people buying their way to level cap and rocking that fire boi VFX only to get their flaming face torn off the whole match…

What if certain Legendary (or a new category of rarity) items wern’t just unlocked via the Battle Pass, but after you complete the BP you get Legendary challenges that unlock extra items. Thus certain VFX, armor, and other do-dads are tied to achievement and not just existing?

  • Not reducing items in the BP, technically adding more overall.
  • The really special stuff requires some mastery of skill.

I guess instead of exotics, they could be Prestige items or something. Although I’m certain all of this opens some unforeseen Pandora’s box of game design

At least in concept, I would like certain thing to be like “Oh no, they’ve got a flaming cheeto on their team, we’re screwed”

  • Gawd I love you and your idea’s iso!
  • I absolutely despise your existence -_-
  • Master Chief is a green boi :sparkle:

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idk, just spitballing for fun, curious if you guys have other ideas?


Master Chief is a green boi

I absolutely despise your existence -_-

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I’d say make a seaparate thing.
Like 5 did with Helioskril. It had set A for those who soloed every campaign on legendary, and a set for those who bought/played their way through packs.

Be it skins, armor, whatever. There should be unique parts in every area.
Like a monitor charm for all intel, but an emblem for forgers, and buy the monitor helm.

Or they could drop the idea of synthetic rarity entirely, but that’ll hurt more than it heals.


Would be nice if there was an unlock for every tier of the ranked playlist/the recon helmet attachment for Onyx was weak.

I think your idea would be a great way to implement whatever Infinite’s equivalent of “Mythic” items will be.

These were the reqs in H5 that were yellow + the star banner. I know some of the Reach character kits were mythic items in H5, so hopefully this extra rarity layer isn’t lost in Infinite

I guess a good place to start would be asking what defines the rarity?

For armor coatings, I think the cleanliness of the armor might be a starting point.

For weapon coatings?? I don’t know.

VFX make sense to by default be high rarity, but everything else I don’t even know where to start.

Really, what defines rarity?

The thing that SHOULD define rarity is when the armor is so difficult to get that rarely anyone is seen wearing it. Rarity already has a definition. Slapping the “rare” or “legendary” on an object that is objectively not rare is arbitrating the word completely, essentially making whatever its attached to appear special to the immediate person who is looking at it in their store or battlepass or where ever. The word means nothing, especially in this game. If everyone who is playing has the ability to put on carters armor, its not rare or legendary, it just means they all spent $10 on the game. The word is arbitrary at this point.

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I dont want any more things tied behind unlock objectives that have people throwing matches because they gotta do some dumb challenge like kill 10 scorpion tanks with the plasma pistol.

maybe some cool campaign challenge unlocks would be fine tho. or possibly an armor coating for hitting onyx each season would be fine since it wouldnt hinder or change in game play but reward playing well

I like the idea minus the part where they need to complete the battle pass, it could simply be tied to achievements exclusive to the battle pass.

The reason I say this is that,
What if someone does one of the said achievements, but their only level 9 on the BP? They’d have to do it again, and it might not be that easy.
People would still be encouraged to buy their way so that they have immediate access to the challenges themselves.

I mean, if I saw some level 9 with a blue flaming skull that you can only get from a killionare or something, I’d probably be more scared of him than a level 100 with the same item.

The topic of rarity is subjective in most aspects, besides the level of complexity in it’s design. There’s also the aspect of literal level of commonality.

So I’m fine with the very end of a battle pass having stuff labeled as the higher end of rare IF it requires you to grind to those things. Simply on the basis that there is less of them in circulation.

Counter-point to this is that $20 Samurai armor, yes it’s pricey and yes it’s a store item, but it’s also a full set and a complex one in it’s design at that. So this falls into the Black Ice category of Rainbow Six as well where you might not be able to just buy it after this season etc, so it becomes more rare over time too.

I’d even kick around the idea of live rarity, but then again that might just make items that nobody likes become super rare on scale haha.

This was along the lines that I was thinking, so grinders have their main BP stuff and skilled players have something on top of this. At least from a business perspective if it gets people who love ranked to buy the BP more, then I think it makes sense.

This would not replace the trinkets you get for hitting Onyx, etc. In fact I do think there should be some things outside of the BP/season that could be related to major medals/milestones that unlock. IDK if there is stuff like that already anyways.

Agree, I think I should clarify I’m more so talking about bigger milestone achievements that come from consistent gaming.

  • “Get Guardian Angel in three consecutive winning matches”
  • “5,000 Headshots with the S7”
  • “Maintain a positive KDA for 15 ranked matches” (At least going by HCS, might be too steep lol)
  • “Achieve 2400 damage & 65%+ accuracy in a winning match in PvP”

Like they have to be steep in challenge, which means there is a bit of matchmaking whim, but also not so lax that they can be like a weekend objective for most players. That or just stack all my suggestions together and when you get all 4 of them you get some ridiculously ugly armor set to terrify casuals with. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just find it funny some rare weapons come out after legendary items XD Who’s decided this? XD Shouldn’t it get progressively more rare and not flipflop? XD

I actually can get behind this.

In the past we had Vidmaster challenge and other things to unlock specific items.

Why not do the same as the past? I like it

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Gawd I love you and your idea’s iso!

TBH why does the armor have a rarity level like this is a RPG? They have no stat boosts or special perks.

Surprise on Dec 8th they turn this into an MMO and we also become WoW Chiefs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So instead of just completing Battle Pass and getting stuff for completing it, you’d rather us complete BP then do stuff on top of that? What would be the point? Sounds like a horrible idea to me.

No, no, I mean still have the current stuff and not call them “legendary” because everyone can get them (or make a new rarity exclusive to the special unlocks)

  • Add something skill based on top of the existing BP items
  • Update the rarity naming because a "Legendary item that unlocks at level 20 of 100 i.e. ISN’T actually rare.

I agree that certain items should only be obtainable through actual hard work, or skill. Not constant leveling that can be bought for a hundred bucks.