Controversial Halo Opinions

There were multiple posts on the old Waypoint forums doing this but now they’re gone I thought I’d ignite the chaos once more (★‿★)

What is your most controversial Halo take? show no mercy.

This one isn’t controversial, but sprint and clamber do not belong in Halo.

The multiplayer in Infinite is free to play because noone in their right mind would pay for it.


Behemoth is the pinnacle of Halo map and spawn design.

Behemoth should not be a 4v4 map, its terrible in my humble opinion :slight_smile:

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Why can you run with the flag but not the ball? :skull:
The flag takes two hands to hold :sweat:

I know it’s because holding the ball counts as score but where’s the lore behind it? Is it against the Spartan training rules?

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Another funny thing is when your Spartan is wearing ammo as a customization and you’re out of that ammo, like w/ the sniper and shotgun.

I think The Silent Cartographer is overrated as a level. Most people place it on the top of the Halo CE level tier, but I’ve never been too enamored by it. It feels like more of an E3 showcase level, and while every level in CE feels unique and offers something new or different, I don’t think the same could be said for SC. Well, technically, it does introduce the Rocket Launcher…

I also feel like Halo 2’s graphics aged worse than CE’s and that Halo 2 needed the remaster much more than CE did…

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I forgot to add mine (★‿★)

Halo 3’s multiplayer is overrated and has poorly aged even a few years after it’s release.

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Halo 4’s multiplayer is the best in the series.

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I have 2 controversial Halo opinions that I feel very strong about so I thought I might as well address both.

Firstly, Spartan-IIIs > Spartan-IIs. Their augmentations have the same result (and this is the case in lore just that the IIIs augments were not invasive as they were chemical, therefore less deadly).

Then lastly, I really enjoy Halo 4’s MP and it has one of the best campaigns (story-wise) in Halo

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Halo infinite should not have ban times for quitting since joining in progress is in the game. It will be a major turn off for everyone if they get banned simply for quitting it doesn’t belong in halo

I suppose this counts, but I don’t think Halo 5 is that bad and should come to PC because I’d really like to play it but can’t.

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When I play great and get top of the leader board but my team suck so I get de-ranked because of them hardly seems right.