Controversial Halo Opinions

There were multiple posts on the old Waypoint forums doing this but now they’re gone I thought I’d ignite the chaos once more (★‿★)

What is your most controversial Halo take? show no mercy.


This one isn’t controversial, but sprint and clamber do not belong in Halo.


The multiplayer in Infinite is free to play because noone in their right mind would pay for it.


Behemoth is the pinnacle of Halo map and spawn design.


Behemoth should not be a 4v4 map, its terrible in my humble opinion :slight_smile:


Why can you run with the flag but not the ball? :skull:
The flag takes two hands to hold :sweat:

I know it’s because holding the ball counts as score but where’s the lore behind it? Is it against the Spartan training rules?


Another funny thing is when your Spartan is wearing ammo as a customization and you’re out of that ammo, like w/ the sniper and shotgun.


I think The Silent Cartographer is overrated as a level. Most people place it on the top of the Halo CE level tier, but I’ve never been too enamored by it. It feels like more of an E3 showcase level, and while every level in CE feels unique and offers something new or different, I don’t think the same could be said for SC. Well, technically, it does introduce the Rocket Launcher…

I also feel like Halo 2’s graphics aged worse than CE’s and that Halo 2 needed the remaster much more than CE did…


Halo 4’s multiplayer is the best in the series.


I have 2 controversial Halo opinions that I feel very strong about so I thought I might as well address both.

Firstly, Spartan-IIIs > Spartan-IIs. Their augmentations have the same result (and this is the case in lore just that the IIIs augments were not invasive as they were chemical, therefore less deadly).

Then lastly, I really enjoy Halo 4’s MP and it has one of the best campaigns (story-wise) in Halo


Halo infinite should not have ban times for quitting since joining in progress is in the game. It will be a major turn off for everyone if they get banned simply for quitting it doesn’t belong in halo


I suppose this counts, but I don’t think Halo 5 is that bad and should come to PC because I’d really like to play it but can’t.


When I play great and get top of the leader board but my team suck so I get de-ranked because of them hardly seems right.


Throwing the ball out of bounds in oddball should subtract score.


Halo should a headshot multiplier even while shielded to reward headshots. To compensate health and shields should be at 100 each. A BR body shot should be 25 damage a headshot 50. That way a guy who hits the head all 4 times is rewarded the kill.


I liked playing as the Arbiter in H2 and as Locke in H5. To me it added another perspective in things and opened up the narrative than just being 1 godlike super soldier.

Spartan ops was a wasted opportunity, should have had your custom s4 in the cutscenes alà Halo Reach to make it more immersive. Majestic was pants.

  1. 343 Industries is 10x Better than bungie.

  2. Joe Staten is the reason why Halo Infinites multiplayer is heavily monetized.

  3. Fortnite now has a better pay wall when it comes to Skins and customization.

  4. Bungie would of killed Halo if they renewed there contract after Halo Reach.

  5. Look at Destiny 1 and 2 story arc and the eververse store.

  6. Halo 3 was overrated

  7. Halo Reach / Noble Team isn’t considered Cannon to most Halo fans and to some Bungie employees, ( Check BungieDOTnet for proof of this )

  8. Halo Reach should of been about Blueteam and how they ended up separated from Chief before Halo CE, to tie in the books and explain why Linda was originally aboard the Pillar Of Autumn with Chief.

  9. Halo 4 has the best story arc and design for Chief and Cortana

  10. Halo 4 Spartan Ops was underrated and should of been the story arc to introduce Fireteam Osiris, 343 really dropped the ball with this on.

  11. Halo 5 was Lockes story just like Halo 2 was Arbiter’s story.

  12. Halo 5 had a great story that made sense if you followed the books and comics from Halo 4 - 5

  13. Master Chief needs to die in Infinite, He isn’t as Iconic like Mario.

  14. Joe Staten killed Halo

  15. The Halo Community is the most toxic gaming community to date.

  16. Halo content creators / Halo Youtubers, Esports and Joe Staten Are to blame when it comes to Halo Infinites pathetic excuse of a free to play multiplayer.

  17. Greenskull is the only true Halo Content creator that 343 respects, he has more responses and invites from them that any other Halo Youtuber.

  18. Dr Disrespect is right that Halo now needs a Battle Royal to compete with modern competitive games, but doesnt need it to stay relevant in the casual gaming space.

  19. Actman is a whinny Youtuber that 343 actually doesnt respect.

  20. Chris Ray gun is a G, but his views on games is skewed based on his political beliefs.

  21. 343 Industries is the only Gaming Studio that other studios are competing with since the hold the rights to Halo.

  22. Blur Studios should of been brought back for Halo 5 and Infinites Cutscenes and every other game company is shooting themselves in the foot by not hiring them.

  23. Halo CE / ( Combat Evolve ) Is the whole point for the Halo series, to have the combat constantly evolve overtime.

To deny any of these facts is to be lying to yourself and admitting you are the problem in the Halo community,


Halo 4 was the best MP and Story experience. Chief’s armor was AMAZING, but cortana looked like a beaver.


I’m a fan of HALO since the first Halo 3 edition console, greetings friends

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I absolutely love this idea. The entire Oddball meta would change, holding the ball would become immediately more defensive.
Opponents could try and use things like the repulsed to knock the ball carrier out of bounds.

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