controls for halo 4

so with the recent halo 4 multiplayer footage released we have been able to see how the game appears visually, how it plays, what the controller layout is, and the other great stuff like that. so far i am very excited about the game, but i will say im less than thrilled about the choices for the button layout. me being a bumper jumper guy, i would say i am horrified with the choices for that particular control setup. making X throw grenade…augh! i usually play halo3, but when i played reach, i didn’t mind at all that the armor ability was X, it was kinda like throw equipment in hal3, but switching throw grenade and armor ability was a bad decision in my opinion. very unnatural. i skimmed over the other layouts and i really dont have the experience with those controller schemes to make a statement on those, but what i propose is that 343 give us the much needed ability to chose the button layout ourselves…aka map every button to our satisfaction. they can keep all their unique button layouts for people that maybe cant decide. but i would honestly be the happiest guy around just to switch some buttons up to make it more natural to me. im not sure what you guys think of this, if you think its a problem at all. but it would be great 343 if you did this for the people tho care about this. thanks!

Dude have you got a personal prejudice to paragraphs and capital letters?!

Dude do you have a personal prejudice to capital letters and paragraphs!??!


> Dude do you have a personal prejudice to capital letters and paragraphs!??!
> God…

Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know this was English class! I thought this was the Halo 4 for forum.
Please forgive my lack of paragraphs and CAPITAL letters, i don’t know what came over me.
But you seem to be missing my point, which is not about punctuation or grammer. It’s about Halo 4, and the control schemes.