Controller Vibration "Nudge"

Has anyone noticed this?

Say I’m playing at a slower pace, on my own, stealth sniping, and after some time the controller begins to pulse a vibration. about a half second pulse every couple of seconds, and it doesn’t stop until I move along with the current game’s objectives. It’s like the game is nudging me along because I’m taking too long.
My only guesse is 343 did this to move gameplay along, and really, it’s so obnoxious it makes me angry.

There is alot I am dissapointed with in this game, but I don’t voice it here because I worry about being branded just another hater. But this is ridiculous.

I haven’t experienced this, but…
wait, so you’re saying it makes you play the objective?

heck, thats awesome!

Not matchmaking. 100% on my own in spartan ops or campaign.
No it’s not awesome. I’ve just resorted to disabling controller vibration.
I’ll pace my gameplay as slow as I want.

There’s a nudge vibration when your armor ability regenerates. Most likely it’s just your active camo completing its regeneration cycle. Stop complaining about a useful game function.

I’m not limited. It’s not armor abilities cycling.
I can just stand there and it just keeps pulsing a vibration every second or two.

Has absolutely nothing to do with the game. Never experienced it, nor is it described anywhere about anything.

I’ve had it happen when a the battery is dying, in different games, but eh…

I have heard of this problem, It can only be solved by sacrificing your controller to the fires of mt doom.

Or you could check your batteries or get a new controller either or because seems like your controller might be borked if it vibrates constantly. There is no feature in the game to make it do that, Unless this were borderlands and the gun was Miss Moxxi’s Feel Good…