Controller trigger advantage

Ar and vk78 can tap the trigger to reduce diffusion and recoil, which the mouse can’t.
Just like the throttle, light and heavy are not the same, this is the trick of the controller.
Ar and vk78 with gentle and quick presses, be sure to be very light and you will find that they have no recoil and diffusion.

That actually makes it a lot worse, which is my current criticism of the recoil. One would think that taping the trigger (burst firing) would allow those guns to be more accurate, but that actually drives the reticule - and thus your aim - all over the damn place. Whereas by contrast, holding the trigger in longer bursts offers minimal recoil, and allows you to aim better. (but then you end up wasting ammo)

What kind of mouse are you using? I don’t play M/KB in this game anymore but I could easily tap fire anything I wanted to with a Logitech G350. Tap firing is key on many PC shooters. Controller is actually noticeably more difficult to tap fire IMO unless you’ve got trigger stops, then it’s basically six of one/half a dozen of another.

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I use a normal controller, I no longer use the mouse 3 years ago, the mouse pressure level is difficult to control, but the controller can control the force.

You have to control the strength of your fingers, and you have to touch them lightly when you press them

Firstly, both posts you’ve quoted show entirely in Chinese. It’s still what we’re saying, just… in Chinese. I have it screen-caped just in case that’s a bug, just wanted to make any who need to know aware of that.

But to the post. That doesn’t help it, it still remains a sporadic method of firing due to how the recoil is implemented. Even with an Elite Series 2 controller, tapping (even gently) throws the aim all over the place. That kind of recoil should really be implemented on sustained fire, if there’s to be recoil at all, and have a more manageable aim with intermittent fire.

The controller can also zoom in multiple times in a row which makes it easier to hit your shots

Yes, both methods can be used, and the combination will work better.

It doesn’t. It’s not the physical pressure being applied to the trigger that applies the recoil, it’s the shots themselves. If I had to guess from the behavior, each pause in firing adds a new instance of recoil. So if you burst fire, you’re going to get “Recoil +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1, +1”. Whereas if you sustain fire, you’re going to get only “Recoil +1” and then it continues at that pace for the duration.

A visual demonstration:

Absolute nonesense. Even with the trigger guard. Stop making excuses and git gud.