Controller strafing/movement question

I would like to know if reducing the deadzone on the movement stick will help me strafe side to side quicker or will it stay the same momentum of movement? I am not able to test this at the moment or have seen any videos for this so could this actually help me better evade shots?

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Yes it will, deadzone settings will set the amount you have to push your sticks aside before it registers in the game. This setting is meant for older controlers that without deadzones will move sideways even though there is no control input.

If you don’t have that, you can set your deadzones to 0, if you do have that, experiment with what deadzone settings you need so you have the lowest numbers without your spartan moving without stick input.

Increase the input threshold to 15% on the LS. Makes you strafe faster. Although, be careful. It will mess up jumps on smaller platforms.


This exactly.

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