Controller Stops Working during Muliplayer Matches

I keep encountering an issue where my controller inputs will stop working in Halo Infinite during multiplayer games. Nothing makes the controller work within the game again and I end up getting kicked for inactivity while playing in the Ranked Solo/Duo Controller input playlist.
It also happens in Crossplay playlists, but I’m able to move around with keyboard and mouse when the controller stops working in those playlists. That’s not ideal but prevents getting forced kicked for inactivity.

I am playing on PC and using a wireless Xbox controller connected with Bluetooth. It seems to only be an issue within Halo Infinite as the Xbox button will still pull up the Game Bar on the computer. So it isn’t a connection to the computer causing this.

Anyone else have this problem or know a solution?


Just happened again. My movement also gets stuck whenever the controller stops working until I die.
Also I play through Steam.

Probably some sort of PC player hack :slight_smile:

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Don’t listen to @King_JJ

Do you have a micro usb/usb-c cord (depending on model naturally) to connect your controller to the PC? See if that fixes it.

Also is it an OEM controller or aftermarket?

It’s an OEM controller and connecting with a cord won’t get it working again.

Older model or newer model?

It is an older model. It’s an Xbox One controller that is micro usb and has Bluetooth.
I do also have a newer one that is usb-c and has the extra download button. I might try using that one and see if the problem continues.

After playing with the newer controller for 2 days I have not encountered the issue where the controller completely stops working within the game.
It does seem to lose connection to the computer itself more often, but when it reconnects it still works within Halo.

Just played a match with the newer controller and it stopped working within the game while still being connected to the computer. All of a sudden I lose control and get stuck walking forward. When I respawn I can’t move or interact with the game with the connected controller.
Issue is still alive and well, anyone able to fix or solve this?

Try the support section. Here in these forums you’re just talking to other people playing the game. It’s good if someone comes along who’s encountered the same exact problem and has solved it, but unsure if that will happen. Try the support section as well. Wouldn’t hurt to do that while also waiting to see if someone else here has encountered a similar problem. I play on console so I wouldn’t know what you could do. I know some controllers require updates, and the updates are not always automatic. You can go to your devices in your control panel and check for an update maybe, or…idk how exactly to go about that. I’ve only ever updated 3rd party controllers like the power A fusion pro when I used that and had issues with it. (Had to download a file from the manufacturer website though)