Controller Settings

Does anyone have recommendations on sensitivity and deadzone settings? Something that might make it closer to how MCC plays?


one by one set the deadzones to 0 fire up a custom game and see if you have drift, (is the avatar still moving when the stick has come to rest?). if so keep clicking it up from zero untill it does not drift then move on to the next one set to zero check for drift repeat. i have my look accleration quite high and my dead zones axial drift ect as close to zero as i can get it without drift, my pad seems to like it at about four for some settings and near zero for others

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Closer to how mcc plays? What exactly do you mean by this? I’m not sure you realize what you’re asking. It’s impossible for someone to suggest settings for you, to replicate how much distance the reticle travels on each axis in a previous game you were playing. The best person to adjust the settings is yourself since you’re the best person to gage if its moving how you intend it to.

So adjust the parameters to where you feel the reticle is moving where you want it to move. Do all this before even aiming at any target or weapon drills. You need to make sure the reticle itself is at least traveling the estimated amounts of your adjustments (you physically making movements with your right stick)

Inner dz should be as low as possible without causing any drift (reticle moving on its own) and your other is by preference to you. Just make sure you understand what the settings is doing (all of the settings that you may not be familiar with have a good explanation on screen of what they control)

Once all this is done, you need to load up a custom game and honestly what you should do is pick a stationary target and just move to the left while compensating with your right thumb stick (and also in the other direction as well) small movements to stay on a target. Once this feels natural and pretty controllable that is when you should load up weapon drills and or bots. Otherwise you’ll just be changing all kinds of settings left and right and trying to hit moving targets when there’s been absolutely no muscle memory developed whatsoever.

The game will not play anything like mcc no matter what settings you select…but your reticle movement…for it to “feel” like a 2 in mcc is something you must feel for yourself is the point I’m trying to make.